The Alliance Alive and The Legend of Legacy studio FuRyu is working on a new RPG for Nintendo Switch, and there are some pretty big names involved with its development.

Described as a 'retro-inspired' RPG, Work x Work places you in role of a hero's dog who has to guide visitors around a dungeon-filled theme park. Successfully guiding visitors through each dungeon allows you to earn "crowds", which can then be used to buy weapons and other items.

Core development is being handled by Japanese studio Netchubiyori and is around 75 percent complete, but it's the other names attached to the project that are of most interest. The staff includes Mother 3 director Nobuyuki Inoue, Mother 3 artist Nobuhiro Imagawa and Shin Megami Tensei composer Tsukasa Masuko. Suzuka Yamamoto and Takuya Yamanaka, both of whom were involved with recent best-seller The Caligula Effect, are directing and producing respectively, while Takahiro Yamane serves as the development director.

According to an interview in Famitsu, Work x Work began life as a smartphone title before moving to Switch as it grew in scale. It is scheduled for launch on September 27th in Japan, costing 4,980 yen.