Update: The demo has now appeared for both Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Europe and North America, too.

Original Story: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is now only a handful of weeks away from releasing on Switch and 3DS, hopefully giving our favourite little mushroom man's Wii U adventure another chance to shine. To give players an early look at the game, a demo has now gone live on both consoles' eShops in Japan.

The demo only takes up 204MB of space on your Switch, or 498 blocks (62.25MB) on 3DS, and the Switch version of the game is actually playable in English. If you have a Japanese account on your Switch (or if you feel like setting one up), you'll be able to download the demo for free from the Japanese store and play it in English from your main account. Awesome!

Alternatively, you could simply wait to see if the demo appears in other regions. We've had no official confirmation of this happening just yet, but it would make sense for the demo to become available in North America and Europe over the coming days.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker launches on Nintendo Switch and 3DS on 13th July. Let us know if you plan to grab a copy for yourself in the comments below.