Cloud gaming has proven to be a divisive subject; some feel it's a convenient and easy way to play games at a lower cost and with little space sacrificed. Others feel it's an unpredictable and buggy way to play something that should've just been ported properly.

Regardless of how you feel, if you live in Europe or North America, you won't be able to enjoy Resident Evil 7 on your Nintendo Switch any time soon. We tried running it from the UK and although we absolutely established a connection, we weren't able to pass the opening cutscene despite dozens of attempts and growing increasingly frustrated with the slightly dodgy lip-syncing. It's hardly a surprising set of circumstances as it's obviously not officially supported for the West, but it's still disappointing.

For the moment it's not an option to play this game outside of Japan, but it's not impossible for Capcom to play with the idea of bringing the cloud version over to other territories in the future. What have your experiences with cloud gaming been like? Let us know in the comments.