As part of a press briefing at GDC 2018 - where it was also revealed that the Nintendo Switch eShop will receive an update to improve game visibility - Nintendo revealed the top ten selling indie games, and it's a who's who of independently-developed hits. Here's the list (in no particular order):

There are some expected big hitters in there, such as the brilliant Celeste, the ever-engrossing Stardew Valley and the superior sequel, SteamWorld Dig 2. There are also a few surprising entries, such as Fast RMX and NBA Playgrounds (presumably driven by the fact they were released early in Switch's life cycle where there were fewer games to choose from on the eShop).

Nintendo also revealed digital third-party unit sales surpassed those of physical units in the North America - a first for the region. "This means we're setting a very similar course to the likes of EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Take Two - all those guys are 50-60 of their total revenue is digital," comments senior manager for publisher and developer relations Damon Baker. "It's really encouraging to see this resonating with a Nintendo audience as well."

What do you make of the list? Are there any indie games you think should have sold more and made the top ten? Share your thoughts below...