Much like horror games (such as the recently released Outlast 2 - check our review!), shooters are finding a new and welcome home on Nintendo Switch, and Aftercharge looks to keep that trending firing on all cylinders. Coming from Canadian indie studio Chainsawesome Games, it's a 3v3 asymmetrical shooter/brawler with some really intriguing features.

In the style of Overwatch and other objective-based shooters, each match sees two teams - one that's invisible and one that's invincible - competing to take control of six glowing structures on each map. There are eight playable characters to choose from, each with own special abilities, weapons and traits.

And, as an extra treat, the Nintendo Switch version will support cross-platform play with those playing on PC and Xbox One. One, big brawling family! “Having Aftercharge support cross-play with the three platforms at launch has always been super important for us, so we can't wait to see the three gaming worlds collide this summer,” comments Laurent Mercure, communications officer at Chainsawesome Games. “Aftercharge on the Switch not only makes the game playable on-the-go, but also opens the door to building a more unified gaming community without platform-based borders. And for those gamers who want to get an early look at the game, we’ll be showcasing a playable PC build at PAX East 2018, as well as holding a special Alpha playtest in April. So, stay tuned for more details!”

Check out the trailer from last year to get you in the mood for some 3v3 multiplayer action. What do you make of Aftercharge? Will you be adding this title to your collection come the summer?