You may not know them by name, but with over three decades of Taito video game music under their belt you must have heard Zuntata's work in the past. From the memorable melodies of Bubble Bobble to the epic electronic/jazz fusion soundscapes of the Darius series, the prolific group founded by Hisayoshi Ogura has assured their place in the pantheon of video game music (as well as pulling off some mean and lean live concerts back in the day).

Finally, and for the sake of convenience, over 3,000 of their tracks are now readily available on the top music streaming services, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, mora and Amazon. While on the subject, any post mentioning Zuntata is not complete without a bit of 'Daddy Mulk' action. Just look at that shamisen go at the 3:05 mark.

Would you like to see both old and recent Taito games on your Switch? Is Puzzle Bobble something you simply cannot live without? Share your favourite Zuntata track in the comments section below.