Polish developer 7LEVELS has unveiled the first official gameplay footage for upcoming side-scrolling action-adventure Castle Of Heart. It's a short one, but it does show off the game's meaty combat and platforming action in the early stages of its opening level.

Here's a tasty snippet from the official synopsis to whet your appetite:

"The protagonist of Castle of Heart is a knight, turned to stone by the curse of the evil mage. If he doesn’t replenish his energy level regularly, he begins to crumble. This may lead to losing an arm, which makes using one of the 50 different side weapons acquired during his journey impossible. The game offers 20 levels set in 4 unique environments, providing over 7 hours of intense experience. Castle of Heart utilizes unique Nintendo Switch features, such as HD Rumble."

Castle Of Heart is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch somewhere within Q1 2018. Does this side-scrolling adventure pique your interest? Either way, let us know what you think...