With Outlast I and II due to arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime in the undetermined future, we'll be getting one of our first tastes of first-person horror in the form of Layers Of Fear: Legacy. And you won't to wait long to curdle your blood because Bloober Team has revealed the game hits Switch on 21st February.

The Legacy package is a retooled version the original that made waves on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016, and will package in the game's perspective-changing Inheritance DLC as standard. It's got its fair share of jump scares, but where LOF:L makes its mark is in the ever changing layout of the mansion you explore as the painter protagonist slowly loses his mind.

Layers Of Fear: Legacy hits the Nintendo Switch eShop on 21st February for ยฃ17.99/โ‚ฌ19.99/$19.99. Will you be picking this slice of horror fun this month? If so (or if not), sound off below...