HAMSTER's ACA Neo Geo ports have been a part of Nintendo Switch's digital library since the day it launched in March 2017, and that commitment to the platform has finally paid off with the announcement that the collective sales of all its Neo Geo titles have exceeded 1 million. That's a lot of retro love right there. The announcement was made earlier via the firm's official Twitter account, and with more titles due to arrive today (including World Heroes 2 and Arcade Archives Kid Niki Radical Ninja in the EU) that library is only going to get bigger.

We're a big fan of the growing library of ACA Neo Geo titles on Nintendo Switch, especially with the series' such as Metal Slug and Art Of Fighting getting a new lease of life on a popular new platform. Are you a fan of these retro deep cuts? Are you picking up any from today's Nintendo Download updates on the North American and EU eShops? Let us know in the comments below...