Hamster is taking a break from fighting games next week to bring to the Switch a game of volleyball. If you have worn out the ARMS volleyball mini-game, Video System's (of Aero Fighters fame) 1994 Power Spikes II might just be up your court. 

This sequel brings several features from the Super Nintendo Hyper V-Ball game to the Neo Geo system, with the biggest addition being the futuristic Hyper League joining with the more traditional male and female competitions. 

Instead of traditional points, in Hyper League you must use your special shots to take energy out of the opponent's team before they do the same to you. Consider Power Spikes II the 2020 Super Baseball or Soccer Brawl equivalent for volleyball games.

All these futuristic sports games just remind us how insanely good Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe still is. If you are looking for more traditional alternative and are taking a cue from Alex's latest GameCube video, Sega's Beach Spikers remains a solid option.

Any volleyball fans out there in the comments section? What are your favourite volley video games of all time? Will you pick Power Spikes II on January 18th? Jump serve your comments below.

[source japanesenintendo.com]