If there's one game outside the world of Nintendo that's stolen almost every headline in 2017, it's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The Korean-developed shooter has made the 'battle royale' subgenre into a bandwagon all its own, and now the CEO of the firm that made it wants Nintendo to leap on as well.

In a recent chat with InvenGlobal, PUBG Corporation (the owner and developer of the runaway mega hit) CEO Chang Han Kim says he would eventually like to see PUBG released on more platforms than PC and Xbox One - and that includes Nintendo Switch. "The final goal would be to launch the title on every platform."

Considering PUBG has had its fair share of technical problems on Xbox One and Xbox One X, we'll take these purposefully vague words with a pinch of salt, but we do know that the 'House that PUBG built' is working on a new project for Switch, although at this stage all we know for certain is that it's aimed at the Asian market.

Would you want to see PUBG on Switch? Or would you rather someone build a battle royale-style game that's perfectly suited to Ninty's handheld? Sound off, people.