Merge Games is bringing Painted Black's The Long Reach to Switch on March 14th, it has been announced.

Boldly described as a "thrilling horror story, flavoured with sci-fi ideology, psychological context and a sceptical view on the human psyche", The Long Reach is inspired by the likes of Lone Survivor and The Cave, and involves puzzle solving, exploration and conversations with other characters - all set within the fictional New Hampshire town of Baervox.

We got to go hands-on with the game last year and said:

Without realizing it we ended up demoing The Long Reach for nearly an hour before we were finally told that we were playing the completed game and not just a demo build. It was explained that this is the type of game that is meant to be played in one sitting, so the whole experience only lasts a few hours. It was at this point that we put our controller down at the risk of spending another few hours playing through the entire story. Given the option though, we wish we could have stayed.

The Long Reach will cost €14.99, £12.99. Will you be taking the plunge?