If you're a fan of twin-stick shooters then you might be interested to learn that Dufgames is bringing Black Hole to the Nintendo Switch eShop early next year.

Originally released in 2016 on Ouya and Razor Forge TV, Black Hole contains 40 levels spanning across 4 worlds, each one ending in a hard-as-nails boss encounter. 

Three customisable ships are on offer, and the Switch version will make use of HD rumble, touch controls and motion controls. It will also gain a speed-run mode, leaderboards, and colourblind mode. It's expected in January, with a solid release date to be confirmed soon.

Here's what the game's creator, Jon Deutsch, had to say about the news:

Creating games has always been my dream. Many prototypes and unfinished games were made. But with Black Hole, I stayed true to myself and saw it through to the end, creating a game that I love and hopefully others will as well. And to be able to launch our first game on the Nintendo Switch is such a great honour, since I practically grew up playing all of Nintendo's consoles.

We're certainly not short of twin-stick blasters on Switch right now, but does this one take your fancy? Shoot some words into the comments section to gain a score multiplier! (Maybe.)