Well, this was unexpected. Just as we rubbed the sleep from our eyes and sat down to begin a day's work here at Nintendo Life Towers we received an email from indie developer The Most regarding a game in which you wander around an fantasy open-world environment as a lone hero, with your ultimate aim being the salvation of the kingdom and restoration of a kidnapped princess.

Sound familiar? No, it's not Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but you're close - it's Zelda with bikes.

In Bike of the Wild - which hits Steam in November - you play the hero Klink (groan) who has to save Princess Steelda (double groan) from the clutches of the evil Lord Gearon (triple groan) and, in doing so, unite the Bike-Force (infinity groan) restore peace to Hillrule (head explodes).

The game will cost $4.99 on Steam and you're sure to get your money's worth, as the developer insists that Bike of the Wild is "practically unbeatable". It's so confident in this assessment that it is offering a free mountain bike to anyone who can complete the game and send proof. A second bike will also be up for grabs in a video submission contest. Bonkers.

By far the maddest thing about this whole story is that The Most is planning to launch Bike of the Wild on consoles in 2018, with Switch being one of the target platforms.