While innovations such as Google Cardboard have made it easy to plonk a smartphone directly in front of your eyes for a cheap VR experience, we haven't really seen any third party accessory makers attempt to offer the same thing for the Switch yet; no doubt because there's no actual VR software. In addition it would probably be too heavy unless you were lying flat on your back.

But this hasn't stopped NeoGAF user Phawx from dreaming what it would be like to strap a Nintendo Switch to his face, no siree. With the power of 3D printing he came up with a design that he affectionately calls the "Switch Visor". Here's what he said about the device on NeoGAF:

There have been other people that have used clamps and mounts connected to beds and stuff, but that seemed less ideal to me. The benefits to having a headmount for the Switch is that the orientation is always correct no matter which way you are laying.

He admits it's really for 'lazy people', and we're not sure how comfortable it would be for longer game sessions. The visor has volume buttons, a audio hack, exhaust vent and a game cart slot built into the design, though, which is clever.

Let us know what you think of this crazy contraption with a comment below. Would you use one?

[source neogaf.com]