We've recently seen a few games pop up on the Switch eShop from Nordic publisher 10tons. Next week, on 19th October, we'll be treated to JYDGE; it's a top-down shooter where you get to build your own cybernetic JYDGE and eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg.

Here are some of the features boasted by the game:

- Choose your cybernetics, items, weapon mods, and companions from over a billion different configurations
- Deal ruthless Jystice with lead, rockets, lasers, electricity, and other deadly tools of the law
- Perform heroic feats to get extra medals and unlock new equipment
- Team up with your CO-JYDGE for local co-op

It seems good in principle, so here's hoping the gameplay stacks up. Do you plan to check this out next week when it arrives on the Switch eShop?