Dig 2.jpg

SteamWorld Dig 2 arrived recently; it's certainly one of the most high-profile download arrivals on Switch to date, and we think it's rather brilliant. It's bigger and more ambitious than its predecessor, and in some ways reflects the growing confidence of Image & Form that started to show with a vengeance in SteamWorld Heist.

In any case it's had a successful launch, with the game now also on PC and PS4 / Vita as well as the Switch. It's been doing well in the eShop charts, too, sitting top or near the top in various countries.

The developer has now confirmed in a press release that Dig 2 has delivered the IP's best launch to date.

Players are having a blast as well, with the 98% approval rating on Steam being the obvious proof. Everyone's praise results in impressive sales; I'm happy to announce that SWD2 is the biggest launch in SteamWorld history, selling faster than any game we've ever made before it. On Switch it's topping the charts in as good as every country. In less than a week we've already earned back most of the game's total development budget. Twenty or so people for almost a year and a half... You do the math!

It's doing pretty darn well, then. Have you dug into this one yet?