Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo's grade-A release for the Holiday season, and that reputation was reinforced during a 7.5 minute showcase during the Nintendo Direct.

You can see the relevant segment below.

When focused on gameplay we saw plenty of elements, including new zones, transformations and the broader 'globe' to explore. We learned about things like Power Moon tips that can be bought from Toad or through scanning amiibo (the whole range is apparently supported). The amiibo bonuses for the new figures are below, though it states the outfits can be earned in-game.


We also got a look at various minigames to be found, some of them with online leaderboards. Finally, a hardware bundle was confirmed - it'll have red Joy-Con and a special pouch.

Odyssey bundle.JPG

Let us know what you though of this segment; did it boost your hype levels for Super Mario Odyssey?