Arc System Works has today announced that the beat 'em up Double Dragon IV will be hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop next week; the official page gives a Japanese price, though we'd anticipate a Western release on the same day or shortly after.

The series takes place after Double Dragon II, following the adventures of Billy and Jimmy in their quest to create as many dojos as they can across the land, however they are suddenly stopped in their path by their archenemies and must do battle once again for peace.

Double Dragon IV will feature three main modes on the Nintendo Switch: 

  • Story Mode: Follow protagonists Bill and Jimmy as they attempt to thwart the plans of "The Renegades". Play in either single player or local co-op with new characters available to unlock. 
  • 2P Duel Mode: Take on friends in a one on one fight. All characters unlocked in the story are available for battle with enemies even playable. 
  • Tower Mode: Climb to the top of the tower by defeating all enemies and no continues meaning game over is game over. 

You can watch the original Double Dragon IV introduction trailer below:

For Nintendo Switch the game will be playable in all three modes (TV, Tabletop and Handheld) to either fight it out in co-op or take on the story mode in single player. The game is being released to celebrate Double Dragon's 30th anniversary and will be available from 7th September on the Switch eShop for ¥800 Yen (£5.99 apx). It's a game that wasn't universally loved when released on other platforms, so it'll be interesting to see how it's received on Nintendo's system.

Will you be learning the secrets of Sosetsuken? Let us know. 

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