Just a week ago Sine Mora EX was given an 8th August release date on PS4 and Xbox One, but didn't have a firm date for Nintendo Switch. Though not necessarily 100% confirmation at this point, the game page has now appeared on the European eShop with that same date for the system - 8th August.

One point to add is that the 'Switch tax' seems to very much be in play here, with a price of £24.99 in the UK store. For comparison current Amazon UK listings for PS4 and Xbox One versions are at £14.99, while the Switch boxed version is that same £24.99; that page still has placeholder dates in all cases, and the 8th August release date doesn't necessarily apply to the physical retail product. We'll follow up with THQ Nordic to clarify.

This scribe is a big fan of the original on PC, and it also played pretty well on Vita albeit visibility was tougher on the Sony portable. We're intrigued to see how the THQ Nordic-published revamp will turn out.

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