For those of you that diligently watched all of Nintendo's online streams during E3, a highlight moment came towards the end of the ARMS Invitational event. The game's producer, Kosuke Yabuki, gave a masterclass in technique as he took on and defeated the tournament winner. The manner in which he won, and his sheer coolness, won him a lot of fans right away; those with long memories may have also recalled his gaming skills from a Mario Kart 8 Direct in the Wii U generation.

Now we have a fresh episode of Nintendo Minute in which Mr. Yabuki gives some very useful tips for those still getting to grips with the game - some key points include not throwing both punches at the same time, and also resisting the urge to constantly jump dodge. There's more besides, and it's interesting to see Kit and Krysta improving as they start following his advice.

In case you missed Yabuki-san's efforts in the ARMS Invitational, check it out below.

Are you playing a lot of ARMS at the moment?