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The Nintendo Switch is still fresh on the market, but such is the nature of technology that the debate about the future of the system and the big N is already underway. The hybrid console, because of its portable aspect, is certainly ripe for a revision 2-3 years into its life (as we've seen in recent times with DSi and New 3DS), and it's particularly intriguing because of the fact the Nintendo is teamed up with NVIDIA for its GPU technology.

With the Switch utilising a custom Tegra X1, and with space for potential memory expansion in the future, there seem to be multiple potential options for expanded and enhanced Switch iterations in future. Digital Foundry looks into some of these in its latest 'In Theory' video, exploring Tegra X1 successors, and also revisiting the 'supplemental computing device' patent in relation to a potential replacement dock in the future, for example.

There are some interesting insights in this, even though they are all - of course - speculation at this point.

It'll likely be quite some time before Nintendo outlines its next hardware release related to Switch; we'll check back in 2019, perhaps.