If you like video game-branded clothing then chances are you'll already know about EDITMODE, which - via its King of Games brand - produces some of the finest official Nintendo clothing available right now.

In the latest episode of toco toco - a YouTube show which focuses on Japanese creators and designers - EDITMODE founder Enami Masaaki takes us around Kyoto, where his company (along with Nintendo) is based.

Masaaki explains that he once worked for a different apparel store, which was one day visited by a customer wearing a Nintendo shirt. Upon discovering that this individual was actually a producer at Nintendo, Masaaki asked about working with the company on official clothing, but was told that it was simply impossible. His dedication paid off however, as EDITMODE now produces official shirts, hoodies and other clothing items which bear many famous Nintendo brands, such as Mario, Zelda and Star Fox.

The segment you're after is around the 5 minute mark, but the whole video is worth a watch if you're a fan of Japan and its culture. Masaaki's office is also a treasure trove of gaming goodness - he even owns a Grandreams UK Sonic the Hedgehog annual, which earns him much respec' from the Nintendo Life crew.

[source tinycartridge.com, via youtube.com]