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During the annual financial results briefing Q&A, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has pointed out a few details concerning Nintendo's hit free-to-start and free-to-play mobile games, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes.

While pointing to Super Mario Run's success, he noted that Super Mario Run's cross-platform sales (in this case, iOS and Android) combine for nearly 150 million downloads.

However, he had previously mentioned that while Super Mario Run has nearly ten times the download amount, Fire Emblem: Heroes has a higher revenue. This isn't too surprising; Super Mario Run's full game is purchased at once while Fire Emblem: Heroes relies on repeated in-game purchases.

This surely won't be lost on Nintendo's key decision-makers; it's highly likely that the company will adopt the micro-transaction approach with future mobile games, as that is clearly the best way to generate revenue on smartphones. Another option would be a lower purchase price for games; if Super Mario Run had been cheaper, it's a given that Nintendo would have converted more of those 150 million users.

With the financial results briefing Q&A ongoing, we will be sure to update as new information becomes available.

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