Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap may have RPG-like features such as pick-ups, shops and gear to collect, but it doesn't allow you to level up like a typical role-playing adventure - instead, the player is expected to use coins to purchase more powerful weapons and stronger armour in order to deal with tougher enemies and boss characters.

Getting hold of coins isn't difficult - practically every enemy in the game drops money when killed - but some of the later items are incredibly expensive, and that means you have to grind quite a bit in order to raise the required funds.

Thankfully, there are several areas in the game in which enemies drops bags of coins which grant more money than usual - the shipwreck being one notable example. However, there's an even better place to build up your cash money. Head to the desert level (enter the windmill tower in the game's main town and take the uppermost door) and move left until you reach the pyramid. Climb over the top of the pyramid so you're on the left-hand side (don't drop down the holes to enter it) and at the bottom you'll find a Sphinx and a pig-like enemy.


This enemy drops a large amount of coinage every time it's killed (between 20 and 60 coins, on average), and you can enter the door and exit to respawn it to your heart's content. This means you can rack up hundreds of coins in a matter of minutes, not to mention plenty of useful secondary weapons.