The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour once again set sail for UK shores this week, and for the first time in its history it landed in Glasgow. The tour has been going since 2012, after the Symphony of the Goddesses CD was released with Skyward Sword, but the Symphony had previously skipped Scotland whilst it was in the UK.


Having seen the concert in London in April 2015, this was my second time attending, but a first for many of the Scottish concert goers. Zelda fans and Nintendo fans in general sometimes get engrossed in the fandom, and the concerts are no different. Both the London and Glasgow shows were full of people dressed up in costumes that they had made of various characters from throughout the series. Even many of those not in costume had Link hats or Legend of Zelda hoodies.

Costumes ranged from various styles of Link over the years, Skull Kids, Anju, Midna, Saria, Zelda and a Hilda cosplayer. There were more cosplayers to appreciate at the London show, but that was due to there being more attendees as it was held at a bigger venue.

A nice little addition to the Glasgow concert was a camera that searched for cosplays and showcased them on the big screen. I found myself up on screen and didn't realise until I heard cheering and looked up to see the faces of myself and my friend, who was dressed as Link, staring back at us. Concert goers loved taking pictures and selfies with the cosplayers, and the audience camera was a nice way of showing off the costumes for those in the crowd that hadn't managed to spot them.


One of the biggest differences between seeing this Symphony and other classical concerts is the reaction from the audience. Rather than just being music lovers, they are fans of the games and music, and find themselves getting really absorbed into each song as if they were back playing the games again.


A comment that frequently came up was the nostalgia factor. Hearing the music from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past threw people back to their childhood and the pleasant memories that went along with playing the game. The audience were laughing and crying along with the music as their emotions overwhelmed them. The music spreads through the entire Zelda timeline and takes you on a magical musical adventure, right up to the game that started it all, timeline-wise - The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword. The battle scenes had the audience tapping their feet along with the epic drums, and remembering the tough trails they had to endure.


At the end of the concerts, the cosplayers united. We congregated inside the venue and had what felt like endless amounts of people snapping pictures with us, until the venue security kicked us out. The audience left with a happy glow inside and an urge to spend the weekend playing through the games.

From left to right: Tiny Tigress Cosplay, The Scruffy Artist, Unknown, Brodie Hart and Madame Purple’s Cosplay Closet

Have you been to any of the concerts in this run of the Zelda symphony, or currently planning to go to an upcoming show in Spain or the US? Let us know in the comments.

All images copyright of Louise Saul and The Scruffy Artist.