When Nintendo posted a short video of Shigeru Miyamoto talking about Super Mario Run at the start of the week, we resisted. The hugely likeable and respected game creator is repeating lines from the Apple conference reveal, and it's silly - it's not news.

Well, who cares, it's quirky. If you don't like seeing Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen hijinks because it's not an NX reveal, or only like deadly serious game news, you clicked on the wrong article. It's worth sharing, anyway, because it's not often that Shigeru Miyamoto eats a burger for our entertainment.

The 'play with one hand' marketing does raise some important questions though. What if sauce and relish dribbles out of the burger bun while clumsily eating it one handed? What other fast foods are recommended as Super Mario Run snacks? Hot dogs? Meatball subs?

These are truly the key questions for this age when, it seems, we can't even eat without checking our phones. What a time to be alive.