Super Mario Maker Cat Costume

If Super Mario Maker on the Wii U wasn’t already addictive enough with its extensive list of course-making tools and user-made levels, the costume collection aspect of the game is yet another reason to hang around.

With the number of costumes in the game steadily on the rise, Nintendo has just added two more to the collection which can be unlocked by playing the two new stages "Cat Mario's Course" and "Cat Peach's Course" – now available in the event course section. The two courses are promoting the Cat Mario Show and unlock costumes of Cat Mario and Cat Peach from the Wii U hit, Super Mario 3D World.

In celebration, Nintendo's Japanese YouTube page has released two videos featuring the new cat costumes in action. Take a look below, and tell us in the comments what other costumes you would like to see in Super Mario Maker.