Pokémon has really gotten into the Halloween spirit as of late, showcasing a series of holiday-themed merch in its online store. Just look at that Pikachu dressed as a vampiric Zubat. Who wouldn't want that little guy slipping into their room at night and turning them into an adorable denizen of the dark?

The standard Pokémon site is also getting its harmless spook on with activities through the month. There are currently Ghost type-themed episodes of the anime loaded up as well as a Gengar minigame. Yet for some fun you can bring to your porch, check out the set of Pokémon pumpkin stencils that can be downloaded as PDFs and used to carve out a glowing masterpiece. There's Pikachu, of course, but also favourites like Banette, Gastly, Pumpkaboo, and an Espurr who seems to be wondering just what it's doing here.

Do Pokémon and Halloween mix for you? Which one would you showcase on a pumpkin? Let us know!

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