It's oddly fascinating when young gamers get given a retro game to play, which helps to partly explain the huge success of the REACT channel. Yes, it covers people of all ages reacting to all manner of things, but when you hand a kid a retro controller the results can be - in their way - educational.

The latest episode has youngsters tackling the Nintendo 64 cult classic, Pokémon Snap, a spin-off concept that likely has little market potential on home consoles in the modern era but is continually included on 'Pokémon sequels we want to see' lists. For starters, some of the kids aren't sure how to hold the N64 controller or where the Z button is, giving some evidence that it is indeed a weird pad. Then there's the game itself, which some have fun with while others are clearly unimpressed with anything older than a Wii.

There are some entertaining moments in any case, so check it out below.