Disney Infinity

Prior to more recent releases such as Nintendo’s amiibo line, and even the upcoming heavy hitter, LEGO Dimensions, the toys-to-life category has been dominated by Activision’s Skylanders and the Disney Infinity play sets.

With market saturation in the toys-to-life category now at an all-time high, it appears Disney Infinity may be struggling to maintain sales momentum, with reported earnings for Disney in the latest quarter revealing its Interactive division saw revenue fall by $58 million to $208 million. Operating income was also down year-over-year, falling by $29 million, to break-even.

These results are directly attributed to weak Disney Infinity and catolog sales. Although Disney did not reveal the exact sales figures, it did reveal the slide was due to decreased unit sales and lower average net effective pricing.

Disney Interactive’s performance was the only division within Disney to see revenue fall compared to last year. All other divisions of Disney including media, networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment and consumer projects experienced positive growth.

Let us know in the comments if you think Disney Infinity can bounce back with its upcoming play sets including a Star Wars themed one, or if you think the toys-to-life category may be at a new phase in its life.

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