The Twitch Plays phenomenon has been around for over a year now, which makes it positively medieval by internet standards. The concept of hundreds of viewers issuing input commands is predictably chaotic, of course, and the concept can still be entertaining with the right game.

We think this stream of Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel fits the bill in the hilarity stakes. This Game Boy Color title is a bit of a classic, effectively recreating excellent top-down play in a spin-off storyline that's separate from the core series. It was rather accomplished for its time and is highly regarded.

Of course, when being played by a couple of hundred players online it's remarkably tricky, and we've been entertained by the stream so far. There's been some progress, but also funny moments where our hero jitters around or jumps under his cardboard box at the wrong moment. Most are having fun and embracing the madness / lag, while one diehard fan did have a fairly significant meltdown earlier on.

Check it out below - be warned that, despite the MGNLive channel working hard to moderate, some occasional bad language may creep into the text.