Splatoon has been a critical and commercial success for Nintendo, and has introduced an entire generation of players to the concept of an online, team-based shooter. In fact, it has turned so many heads that even PC gamers - the chaps who live and breathe this kind of game - are paying tribute in their own unique way.

A team of modders have created Splatoon in Valve's popular Team Fortress 2 shooter. There's an authentic replication of the Port Mackerel map, and the gameplay has been carried across with impressive faithfulness to the original. Players ink portions of the map with their weapons and can even morph into squids. It's a little more crude than Splatoon visually, but it shows the power and adaptability of the Team Fortress 2 engine - and the resourcefulness of the PC modding community.

The catch here is that some assets from the original game are used, which is something that Nintendo normally frowns upon. There's a good chance that this particular mod could get taken down quite quickly, but there's nothing to stop the people behind it from creating new assets and keeping the core concept intact.

Personally speaking though, we'd much rather play the original. How about you?

[source eurogamer.net]