Back in early December, Renegade kid released a new bite-sized Metroidvania called Xeodrifter to generally positive feedback. We awarded it an 8/10, citing the short length and occasionally frustrating platforming as drawback, but we were overall quite pleased with it. It may have been over too soon, but Xeodrifter was a beautifully distilled Metroidvania experience that had some fun little quirks; such as traversal of multiple screen layers and a modular blaster upgrade system. Now, it appears the game will be given a bit more exposure, as Jools Watsham - head of Renegade Kid - recently confirmed that it will be making the jump to Wii U.

No major details were given as to whether or not there'll be any additional content or anything of the sort, but it can be expected reasonably soon. Watsham also mentioned that there may be some kind of cross-buy offer, so perhaps existing owners will be able to download the game for free. In the meantime, Europeans gamers can look forward to finally experiencing the game for the first time on the 3DS on June 18th. The video of the announcement is below, you can find it right around the 1:10:00 mark:

What did you think of Xeodrifter? Will this tempt you into double dipping? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source youtube.com, via nintendoenthusiast.com]