For those that are generally against the idea of Nintendo pursuing the smart device market in collaboration with DeNA, it can be tempting to downplay the impact that a successful game on iOS and Android can have. It's with that in mind that our eye was caught by a SEGA press release today that has confirmed 100 million downloads for Sonic Dash, the free-to-play runner first released in March 2013.

Like many runner games on touch screen systems you swipe left, right, up and down to navigate Sonic around, over and through obstacles. The actual gameplay is similar to on-rails sections from full 3D Sonic console titles, though there's far less variety and it's a game of accumulation, as you complete run after run to earn more points and coins to use on upgrades. This title makes its money from microtransactions, or alternatively asking you to view an advert in exchange for a reward; beyond that, it's clearly useful for getting the Sonic brand into the minds of millions of players.

As you can see from the infographic below, SEGA's keen to highlight the successes of this particular release.

Sonic Dash Infographic English Compressed

This title is one interesting case study when considering how Nintendo will approach the smart device market, with Mario's former foe clocking up impressive download numbers. It's a very different world from the conventional console space.

It provides some food for thought as we contemplate what Nintendo will release as it's first smart device game this year.