Hard to get

The amiibo stock situation shows little signs of improving, despite Nintendo's assurances that it's trying its utmost to sort things out. Each new wave of figures seems to sell out instantly, and within hours sites like Amazon and eBay are flooded with people re-selling the precious NFC toys at inflated prices. In short, it's a mess.

We're now hearing rumours that US store GameStop is stopping preorders on future amiibo releases altogether - something which will do little to improve the average Nintendo fan's chances of getting the figures they want at a reasonable price. However, the store is also taking steps to stop scalpers from buying loads of stock to resell.

Reddit user megamanultra is the one who broke the news - which, we should state, is unconfirmed by GameStop at present:

Also, happened to run into the Gamestop regional manager when I went to grab Shulk. He mentioned that he has gotten word that they will no longer take reservations/preorders for future Amiibo. All future Amiibo will reportedly be like the 29th, a sign in the window noting what they have, and no presales. Limits will be one of each figure per person. And to limit people using multiple accounts, they have apparently just updated their system to be able to track for multiple accounts using the same address. Looks like preorder setups are definitely changing.

Have you heard anything similar from your local GameStop store? Let us know by posting a comment below - and also let us know if you're ready to give up on amiibo altogether.

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