Reginald the Great

There are some that take enjoyment from being rather anti-Ubisoft, but the publishing and development giant undoubtedly produces some exceptional work. Child of Light, released last year on the Wii U eShop and a host of platforms, was one such example. Utilising the gorgeous UbiArt engine it brought us a charming new RPG IP, which certainly has the potential to be revisited in future sequels.

It was a game heavy on lore, so those that enjoyed its story should certainly consider checking out the Child of Light: Reginald the Great art book - it's available to read for free as a PDF at Patrick Plourde, creative director on the project, says the following in the press release for this eBook.

From the start, we wanted to explore Lemuria from different perspectives and protagonists. The illustrated books are set a couple of years after the events of the game and follow the adventures of Reginald, the son of Robert and Margaret. Since the game was released, we received hundreds of illustrations and cosplay pictures from our amazing community. We also received very touching letters on how the game helped some of our fans in their life. For all this, we want to say thank you. This illustrated book is our gift to you.

This is set two years after the game and is just the first of multiple illustrated books, and the official Child of Light social network pages will soon invite fans to submit illustrations to be used in these future books.

There's also an interview about the eBook in this official blog post.

Are you a fan of Child of Light that'll check this out?