Meme Run Banner

Meme Run was a peculiar arrival in 2014, generating controversy over its style and enjoying sales success against a backdrop of heavy criticism. Despite being loaded with memes, obviously, it was even tweeted and promoted by Nintendo of America when it was released.

Due to the nature of the game being packed full of icons and well-known images, it's likely always been at risk of copyright issues, too, and developer Ninja Pig Studios notably fell foul of these problems - recently - when it considered publishing - then pulled - Jumpy Cat. Though there's been no clarification or statement as yet on the reasons, it's now Meme Run itself that has disappeared; at the time of writing it's no longer on the Wii U eShop, and though the developer's official Miiverse posts remain the social network's community has also been taken down.

No doubt the reasoning behind this will emerge, or perhaps any violations will be resolved and the title will return to the eShop, but this is another intriguing chapter in the endless runner's peculiar history to date.