Let's make up!

We all know that Mario and Bowser don't exactly get on. The latter is always attempting to steal the former's girlfriend, and over the past three decades the pair have clashed multiple times, with Mario usually emerging victorious.

It would appear that fast food chain McDonald's feels that it's time to bury the hatchet and make up, as it has posted an animated clip to its Twitter feed which shows the famous foes finally becoming friends.

As you might imagine, this post has caused quite a storm with Nintendo fans (please don't read the Twitter replies if you're of a sensitive nature), leading to the question: who signed off on this? Did Nintendo give McDonald's the all-clear to effectively destroy 30 years of canon in a single tweet? Or perhaps the world-famous purveyor of burgers and fries has a point, and we really need to allow these two mortal enemies to settle their differences?

Who knows, but in the meantime you really should check out our amazing unboxing of a McDonald's Super Mario happy meal. Just because.

Thanks to Twitter user I ♥ Japanese Games for the tip!

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