Did Walmart Accidentally Announce Paper Mario Wii U

Walmart recently listed the generically title 'Paper Mario (RPG) (Wii U)' on its website before quickly removing it, but not quickly enough, as one clever buck managed to snag a screenshot of the accidental upload. There's no box art or any details about the game, aside from an astronomical price tag that we can only hope is in Australian dollars and not the US variety.

This is interesting timing as well, as recently a faked tweet from Nintendo of America's official Twitter account was created that sparked a frenzy of hashtags revolving around the iconic plumber's two-dimensional adventures. Nintendo has not made any comment, but you can see the forgery for yourself:

Did Walmart Accidentally Announce Paper Mario Wii U- 1

The most recent Paper Mario caper was the the 3DS, and was met with a lukewarm reception. Unfortunately once a level of excellence has been set, it can be very demanding to live up to it, and that seemed to be most of the feeling around Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

There's obviously no way that this is any form of confirmation for the title, but we know a lot of you are avid Paper Mario fans. We can hope that there's some minuscule shred of truth to these proceedings, but we're not holding our breath, and we advise you to take a similar standpoint to avoid the very probable disappointment that will likely come from this.

Do you believe there's anything to these mysterious happenings? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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