Over the past couple of months Nintendo has stepped up its marketing for the Wii U, evidently aware that it needs to capitalise on major releases and amiibo to promote the system and boost its sales around the world. Each region has followed its own path, and in the UK the company has been pushing a hashtag campaign, #TheTimeIsNow.

A highlight of the campaign was a flashy trailer showing off exclusive Wii U games, and just recently Nintendo's tweeted a link to a rather attractive infographic / survey that tries to emphasize the gaming goodness on the system. It also occurred to us that, as we now mostly shun infographics calculating how long it'd take to grow all the mushrooms in the Mushroom Kingdom — that one doesn't exist, but they're often that frivolous — we haven't posted any of these for a long time.

Let's remedy that — Nintendo UK's rather nice effort is below.

Wii U Infographic

Let us know what you think, and whether you'll be pointing those on the fence to its web page to encourage them to dive in.

[source wiiu.co.uk]