Patent Pending Mario

There are plenty of fans out there that show their love for Nintendo and its games through various means — we see art, dance, song and more. Songs aren't in short supply of course, especially those dedicated to Mario, but one band and its fans are pushing the boat out to get mainstream attention in the UK and beyond.

Patent Pending released 'Hey Mario' on YouTube last September, a rather funny bro-rock song questioning why the plumber continues his obsession with Peach — it's been viewed 1.38 million times. You can see it below, though if we were a ratings board we'd class this as 'teen / mature', or something along those lines, so be warned. Swears are bleeped, but with that warning don't blame us if it's not to your tastes!

That video performed well, clearly, though the band has just recently released an updated live-action version, probably as a fall-back if Nintendo ever takes down its previous video full of gameplay footage; it's got pretty good production values, to the band's credit.

This song has achieved some success, then, but Patent Pending is keen to hear it played on the radio. In the past couple of weeks the band and its fans have been targeting the '10 minute takeover' on BBC Radio One in the UK, which is every Monday and Thursday at 6pm; for those that don't know, Radio One is a big deal in the UK, being the most popular station in the country with millions of listeners. During those 10 minutes host Greg James picks songs — apparently at random — requested by the public on Twitter and Facebook. Convinced that the song is in the station's playlists, fans are continuing to flood the station's social accounts at 6pm on the relevant days to request the track. As yet, no luck.

Will the demands of the fans be met by Radio One? We're not convinced it'll happen — it depends if the song is even in their system — but it's yet another tale of Nintendo fans going the extra mile to spread the word of Mario, albeit slandering Peach in the process on this occasion...