Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is now less than a week away from release in North America, which is a sentence sure to delight many and slightly irritate those in PAL regions and Japan that need to wait a little longer. With release so close there are no doubt plenty of Wii U owners getting ready to receive their pre-orders, so the latest Nintendo Minute episode should be of interest to those ordering some amiibo and the GameCube Adapter game bundle.

Those are the goodies that get unboxed by our hosts Kit and Krysta in their video, though it's the amiibo that are a little more interesting — a game case and the adapter aren't the most interesting items to unbox, in truth. It's Mario and Marth that get unboxed, and those that feel toys should be kept in pristine boxes — as opposed to being used for fun — may want to look away. Kit doesn't mess around with Mario.

Check it out below and, to make those of us around the world jealous, some of you in North America could take the chance to tell us what Smash Bros. treats you've got pre-ordered.