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Last month it was revealed that Bento Studio’s musical rail shooter, Cosmophony, would be adapted and ported to the Wii U by Moving Player. Now, the latest announcement has revealed the upcoming Wii U eShop release will be arriving in both Europe and the Americas on 30th October, for the price of £3.49, €3.99 & $3.99 respectively.

Cosmophony, originally announced in 2012 for rival platforms, has players take control of the heart of a fallen goddess. In this intense experience, players will test their reflexes and listening skills, with the levels built around Drum & Bass beats.

The rhythmic rail shooter will be presented in full 1080p, at a silky smooth 60 FPS. Adding to the visual splendour is the 100% DnB soundtrack courtesy of DJ Salaryman, and a juke-box mode where gamers can relax and listen to the hard earned tracks.

View the teaser trailer of Cosmophony below and let us know if you’ll be downloading this Wii U eShop title on release.