It wasn't so long ago that developer comments regarding Hyrule Warriors led some to believe that amiibo support wouldn't be included, yet Nintendo of America has now confirmed quite the opposite — the Link amiibo toy will be compatible with Koei Tecmo's action title.

You can see the tweet below, which oddly includes a rather wonky low-resolution image and — if you want to be picky — a typo [Update, the tweet has been deleted and reposted, with an improved image and without the typo].

As Link's the only compatible figurine so far, it opens the possibility that some games will be character-specific, as opposed to supporting the whole range. Which figurines will work with what games — out of the confirmed batch of titles — is just one of a number of questions still surrounding Nintendo's upcoming toy range; it'll initially support Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in the most significant way.

As the tweet above makes clear more details will be released in good time, though it'll be interesting to see whether other Legend of Zelda amiibo toys will also be compatible with Hyrule Warriors, and what exactly the NFC figurines will do in the game.

Are you excited about this? What do you want amiibo to do in Hyrule Warriors? Let us know.