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Hullbreach Studios has announced an additional confirmed title as a Wii U eShop exclusive, a project that aims to tap into nostalgia for the SNES Super Scope game, Intercept. The clunky bazooka-like peripheral won't be used on the Wii U, of course, but Defense Dome will use the GamePad's gyroscope for aiming; it'll be a budget-priced game with 2 modes, 8 levels and leaderboards.

You can see a trailer for this project below, which is targeting a Holiday release.

Hullbreach Studios has also provided updates on some of its other projects. SDK Paint is targeting an October arrival — should it pass Nintendo's lotcheck procedures in time — and will eventually feature Stencil packs based on the recently announced U Craft; that'll be DLC. The studio's RPG project for 2015, Tomeling, also has an update — it'll feature "a living book based on Japanese folklore" and is targeting a 10-15 hour playtime.

HullBreach Studios clearly has ambitious plans for the Wii U, though with each announced project comes a little more pressure to deliver a quality end product. Are any of these projects on your wishlist at the moment?