Curve Digital — or Curve Studios in its development guise — is particularly busy with the Wii U at the moment. This week it releases Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones as an exclusive on the home console, while it's publishing a range of enticing ports on the system, with Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut already available. There's plenty happening, then, and a few of the studio's team conducted a Reddit AMA to answer pressing fan questions.

To kick off with Stealth Inc 2, Jonathan "Bidds" Biddle addressed a query around whether the first game will arrive on the Wii U as a port.

First up, no, you really don't need to play the first one. We specifically designed this one so that it could be approached as a standalone instalment for people who had never even so much as seen a screenshot of the first.

As for a port of the original, I think we'd basically really like to, but we're only a small studio, and SI2 has taken all of our main bandwidth for the past year or so (we obviously also have our porting team who are always in submission too — so we've not really had time to consider it or look at what it would take/cost.

I think if SI2 is a success on eShop, then we'd love to bring the original over in some form. I always favoured the idea of DLC as an addition to the second game, but a standalone version might be better. Fingers crossed we get the chance!

The studio is also well known for its Nintendo-published titles, the Fluidity / Hydroventure releases on WiiWare and the 3DS eShop. Biddle did say that the team pitched a Fluidity game for Wii U that didn't go ahead, with confirmation that a third game isn't currently in development. As an interesting side-note one of the studio's designers, Sam Robinson, revealed a concept that didn't make the cut on the 3DS entry.

Early on in Spin Cycle's development, we actually had lava! He was a fully formed character like Eddy, there is even art around for it somewhere...

It was so sweet, you could burn through rock, and water would harm you. It was slower and thicker to move around too. In the end, we decided we had so many applications for water, that we focused the game and did away with it.

I've probably just broken my NDA by talking about it.

As for what's next from the company beyond its confirmed projects, publishing man Rob Clarke indicated that the studio is busy with a lot of projects that could, potentially, come to Wii U. Much will rest with the performance of the current and upcoming 2014 releases.

We've got some exciting titles - many of which are brand new - in the works for 2015 and we'd love to bring them to the Wii U. We hope to bring at least 6 games out next year, and how many of them come to the Wii U is ultimately going to depend on how well these first four do in terms of sales! If they do well, we want to make sure we're bringing more titles to the Wii U at the same time as the other consoles, not so long after!

So there you have it. Are you a fan of Curve's work and hoping to see more from them in 2015?