Life Size Pikachu

Collectibles are a major part of gaming, at least for those that are most enthusiastic. Weighing in at 6kg, the stuffed Pikachu pictured above is a good example being offered by Japanese brand, department and clothing chain, Beams. Due for release in November, local customers have been able to pre-order the life-sized Pokémon for 18,360 yen (US$170). To top it off, purchasers will even score a free tote bag to carry it around in.

According to the clothing line, this first-generation Pikachu is approximately 40cm in height and 6kg in weight – making it a one-to-one scale electric rodent. As the design is based on a first-generation Pikachu, it is actually a lot plumper when compared to the modern shape. Perhaps this is why Ash never actually kept his Pikachu in a Pokéball?

Pika Tote Bag

Although it’s probably an unlikely scenario – as with a lot of items available in Japan – let us know in the comments if you would you be interested in purchasing a life-sized Pikachu here in the West if given the opportunity.

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