Stealth Inc 2

Stealth Inc 2 was a slightly surprising announcement as a Wii U eShop-exclusive title earlier this year, especially as its predecessor has never been available on Nintendo hardware. On the other hand developer Curve Studios has recently confirmed more titles — The Swapper and Lone Survivor — for the Wii U, while we should also remember that the Hydroventure / Fluidity titles on WiiWare and the 3DS eShop were developed by the UK-based studio; it's clearly keen to support Nintendo's consoles.

Stealth Inc 2 certainly looks like a promising title, taking the concept of tough puzzle-platforming and trials from the original and expanding it out into a larger world with Metroidvania aspects. Its exclusivity on the Wii U eShop also puts it in a relatively small, select group, which further helps to reinforce the platform as an exciting destination for download developers.

We don't have too long to wait to see what it's all about, as Curve Studios has confirmed a release date of 23rd October worldwide — pricing hasn't been decided as yet.

Are you looking forward to this title? Let us know, while in the video below Curve Studios' Jonathan Biddle shows us the title while providing plenty of details.