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SPIKEY WALLS is the latest title from RCMADIAX, a developer that was the first to publish a game on the Wii U eShop using the Nintendo Web Framework with BLOK DROP U. The block capital-loving developer has been prolific in the North American store, releasing a series of budget GamePad-centric titles that have, more often than not, delivered some low-priced fun.

As you may be aware the studio's latest effort is SPIKEY WALLS, a Flappy Bird clone in which you simply hit A to fly. The announcements and subsequent details have been delivered with a strong hint of parody, with extensive word play on App and exaggerated hype around simplistic features. It seems like a light-hearted joke that may also be relatively compulsive, and will sell at $0.99.

For those of you in North America that had an unhealthy obsession with Flappy Bird, the good — or bad — news is that SPIKEY WALLS is now confirmed for 18th September in the region.

Let us know whether you're planning to pick it up for hot A button action; some footage is below.